About MAEN


The Missouri Alternative Education Network (MAEN) is a group of over 600 alternative school educators in the state of Missouri.  The organization exists to provide networking and collaboration opportunities for these members and to provide the best educational opportunities for students served in alternative settings. MAEN is a non-profit, led by volunteer board members from throughout the state.


To connect Alternative Educators to one another, to share Best Practices in Education specifically Alternative Education, and to build leadership in Alternative Education and share accomplishments of those educators.


The Missouri Alternative Education Network (MAEN) shares the mission of National Alternative Education Association (NAEA) to provide advocacy and support for professionals who work on behalf of children and youth receiving alternative education services​


MO Options
Answer and inform on all things related to Missouri Options including study materials, state of Missouri assurances, and testing procedures.

Review information related to the different curriculum offerings available to alternative education programs and to highlight the curriculum choices made by alternative education programs.

Promote the MAEN organization at a regional, state and national level through policy and legislative action.

Equity in Education
Advocate for economic parity across schools and districts within the state and to promote the idea that each child receives what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential.

Disseminate resources for understanding the social emotional aspects to education and to advocate for a whole student approach to education.

Teacher Tech
Highlight resources useful for teachers regarding technology; research ways that alternative educators can use technology to their advantage.


To learn more about the history, origins, and purpose of the organization, download MAEN History.

Missouri Alternative Education Network
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