MAEN Job Descriptions

MAEN Board of Directors

Term:  2 years

Expectations/Responsibilities:   Attend meetings of the Executive Committee and provide guidance for the organization. Four face to face meetings will be held throughout the year. Dates and location are determined by the committee. Mileage and/or lodging will be reimbursed, as per approved by the board.

  • To promote and further the mission and purpose of MAEN
  • Follow the approved by-laws
  • Work with regional representative and help facilitate meetings of the membership in your region
  • Actively participate on at least “area of focus”, unless elected as an officer
  • Help plan and facilitate the annual conference

MAEN Regional Representative

Term:  2 years

Expectations/Responsibilities:  Assists the Regional Director with the following:

  • Regional Communication–Example: email regional members with MAEN updates
  • Regional Meetings–Examples: plan, organize, and/or facilitate regional meetings of the membership of your region
  • Annual Conference–Examples:  attend annual MAEN conference and assist where needed, encourage registration within your region, assist at your regional meeting at the conference