President: Amy McEvoy

I would like to introduce myself. I am the new president of Missouri’s Alternative Education Network. I have been a part of this group for the last 5 years and the last two as a board of director for the St Louis Region.


My background includes 23 years of teaching- 10 at Hazelwood Central High School teaching Art and the last 13 teaching Missouri Options at Maplewood-Richmond
Heights High School. I also recently spent 6 years on the Board of Education for the Francis Howell School District. I have been on countless committees at each of the three districts I have had the opportunity to serve. All three districts vary in many ways, but one thing remains the same. The people who work in these institutions care deeply and spend countless hours in the pursuit of students
becoming lifelong learners and productive members of our communities.

My hope is that I can bring my various experiences into this position and help lead our community of educators for the next two years. We have the opportunity of having the National Conference in St Louis October 2021 and
2022. It will take all of us to help promote what we are doing in our schools, classrooms, and with our students. Sharing our best practices is more important than ever as we maneuver through this different educational year.
I would like to leave you with a few thoughts as we begin our year together.

SecretaryTreasurer: Julia White

Kansas City Region

Julia (Julie) White has been an employee of the Blue Springs School District for 14 years.  She has worked in the Missouri Option Program for the entire time.  She loves alternative education because it allows students who normally would not graduate to have a second chance.  Her favorite time of the school year is when she watches the students who thought they would never complete their education, walk across the stage in a cap and gown. 

Julie has represented the MAEN Kansas City region since the fall of 2016.  She enjoys working closely with her regional cohorts and learning what makes their programs successful.  She believes, strongly, that when like minds have a common goal, epic things can happen. Julie has a Bachelor’s degree from UMKC and a Master’s degree from UCM. 


Julie’s career life actually started out in banking.  She worked her way up from a teller to a banking officer who sold securities, as well.  She retired from the banking industry in 1998 and started a non-profit Christian teen club with her husband.  In 2004, she substituted in an alternative high school class and was hooked from there. 

Julie has been married for 34 years and has two children and 5 grandchildren.  These are the loves of her life and she spends as much time as she can with family.

President Elect: Dan Davinroy

I am a teacher at The Collaborative School in St. Louis County, Missouri. The Collaborative School was created by the school districts of Brentwood, Clayton, and Ladue to

help students who needed another choice

towards earning a high school diploma. I also

manage our Missouri Option program. 

I attended Southern Illinois University at

Carbondale where I earned two bachelor

degrees in sociology and history. I attended

University of Missouri St. Louis where I earned two master degrees in teaching and administration.

I have never taught in a mainstream school. I started my educational career across from the American Steel Mill in Granite City, Illinois. That school was called Coordinated Youth and Human Services. I taught for 3 years at The SAFE School in Belleville, Illinois. I then began teaching at The Collaborative School where I have been for the last 18 years.

I am honored and quite honestly flabbergasted that I am serving as your President Elect which also means I will eventually be the President of MAEN. Never would I have thought as I was sleeping through the MAEN Business meeting just 6 years ago at the summer conference, that I would one day be serving as the MAEN president. Now, I do not encourage conference goers to sleep through the MAEN Business meeting, but if you do, we keep the minutes and we would be happy to let you read them to see what you missed. 

When I volunteered to be a regional representative from St. Louis, I decided that if I am going to serve an organization, then I better do something. My goal has always been to facilitate connections between alternative educators to get alternative educators the help they need to support and maintain their programs. We all know it is tough down in the trenches of alternative education. Therefore, I ask that you allow me to help you connect with other educators. Please know, the only way I can do that is with your help. Please introduce yourself to me so I can help connect your expertise with the educator who seeks it.

Current Board Members

Central Region

Allen Schwantes-

Kansas City Region 1

Julia White -


Kansas City Region 2

Michele Hamilton




Saint Louis Region 1

Ben Hebisen

Saint Louis Region 2

Denitria Neil

Southeast Region

Corey Jameson

Southwest Region

Kelley Ritter

President Ex Officio 

Frances Gooden

Past President

Anne Wall


Executive Board Assistant 

Kristie Wilson



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