Unpacking the Emotional Suitcase: A Conversation with Tierica Berry
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Tierica Barry is an innovative educator who empowers teenage girls to take ownership of their own development. She believes that when a girl recognizes that the choices they make everyday is what shapes their reality, it helps reduce blame and excuse making.  As the founder of A Woman’s Standard, Tierica helps train educators to assist young ladies to see the power they hold and fall in love with themselves like never before.  Join host Kristy Houle, as she chats with Tierica about unpacking the emotional suitcase and how it can greatly impact a young girls academic environment.

Tierica Berry’s book Unpacking the Emotional Suitcase

Available here

In this episode you’ll hear…

  • How to unpack your emotional suitcase as well as your students’
  • The importance of emotional leadership in the classroom
  • The difference Tierica Berry is making for young girls and students every day



7 Secrets of Social Emotional Learning by Tierica Berry

Available for purchase here

Teach a Girl to Fish by Tierica Berry, available for purchase here


“It’s a great feeling knowing there’s a need, the not so great feeling is all of the barriers that are still in the way between me actually delivering these services in the way that I need to.”


“When I see the girls that are doing positive things or representing what we want to see, in young women, then I do my best to celebrate them, to put them at the forefront and position them  in front of other young women so that we can create more examples.”


–Tierica Berry, The Classroom Matters Podcast


Berry speaking at an event

Photo via developmentalrecources.wordpress.com


Berry (right) with Kristy (2nd to the right) at the National Alternative Education Association Conference in Tampa, Florida.


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