Alternative Education: What it Really Means
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This is episode #52 of Classroom Matters by Educate.Today. We are a program dedicated to speaking with some of the most outstanding educators in the nation, covering different topics in the world of teaching and learning. On today’s episode I will be sitting down with two amazing educators who not only work in the world of alternative education, but also strive to help other educators through their roles in the Missouri Alternative Education Network. Amy McEvoy currently serves as the President of MAEN and Dan Davinroy is the President-Elect. Their mission, which aligns to the National Alternative Education Association is to provide advocacy and support for professionals who work on behalf of children and youth receiving alternative education services. We will be discussing the challenges that alternative education is facing during the pandemic and debunk the top 5 myths of teaching in an alternative school setting.

Classroom Matters Host – Kristy Houle
Podcast Producers – Jessica Pierce and Kristy Houle
Podcast Audio Editing – Jessica Pierce
Educate.Today Executive Director – Tim Gore


Link to:

  • the Missouri Alternative Education Network website