Maslow Before Bloom: A Conversation with Dr. Bryan Pearlman
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This is episode #54 of “Classroom Matters” by Educate.Today.  We are a program dedicated to speaking with some of the most outstanding educators in the nation, covering different topics in the world of teaching and learning.

On today’s episode I will be sitting down with Dr. Bryan Pearlman as we dive into the topic of how to meet a student’s human needs before academic needs. Dr. Bryan Pearlman is a veteran educator/school administrator, a mental health therapist, PD leader, keynote speaker, and adjunct professor. He is the author of two books: Maslow Before Bloom: Basic Human Needs Before Academics released in May 2020 & Whatever It Takes For All Students To Succeed In School and Life, released in January 2019. Dr. Pearlman is also the co-founder and board member of the mental health non-profit

During this conversation we will be discussing the challenges that educators might face with this approach in a remote learning setting and strategies that can truly make a difference in struggling students. 


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